Staff from abroad

The Haarlem Jamborette would not  be possible without the effort and dedication of many volunteers.

In several teams, these people work before, during and after the camp. They organize activities for the participants, working behind the scenes in one of the supporting teams or helping with setting up the camp and taking it down again. Many members of staff from previous camps will agree that it is hard work, but also a lot of fun. Not to mention the lifelong friends that you will make!

It is a luxury, but unfortunately, we need to limit the amount of staff members, and we only accept staff members who can stay the full duration of the camp. This means that we expect you to be available during the whole camp, including a few days before the opening ceremony and the day after the closing ceremony. Therefore, for members of staff the camp dates are from Friday 26th July up to Wednesday 7th August inclusive. We expect you to arrive on site on Thursday the 25th in the afternoon or early evening.

Every day, the team in the staff restaurant prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for you, so there is no need for you to cook for yourself. Tea and coffee are also provided.

New set up

This edition there will not be an International service team as such. Based on previous experiences we have decided to let international volunteers be part of the teams and work fully with that team. We believe that this integrated camp experience will leave you with even a better experience. Asking you preferences for a team will be part of the application process later this year. We will keep you posted via e-mail.

Applications closed

We are overwhelmed by the number of responses for the IST position for the Haarlem Jamborette 2019. We thank you for your enthusiasm. For the moment, we have to close the application procedure and start the first selection procedure with the current applications. Please keep following the website, as we may be able to open selections again.

If you would like more information about you pre-registration for the International Service Team or the selection process (see below) please send an e-mail to

Team descriptions


Always up and about the water or just love to be around the water, then team Aqua may be a good choice for you? As employee of team Aqua, you arrange the daily program for around 350 children. Theme of each day, as you may have guessed, is: water. A standard activity of this team is: sailing. But team Aqua offers so much more.

Arts, Crafts & Technology
This team offers a great variety of crafty activities each day to 350 children. If you have a creative brain, you are a builder, designer, technician, inventor or artist, then this team may be the perfect choice for you.

The name comes from early Jambo-times, where scouts had to trail-search from one activity tot the next. Nowadays it is slightly different. With each Jamborette the Trail team offers a different variety of active, challenging remarkable scouting activities to the children. For instance: pioneering, building rafts, survival track, climbing, games, etc.

During camp, team Media makes sure everybody stays up to date on newsfacts. Employees of this team are all about social media and keeping the website up to date and in tiptop-shape. This team also makes sure there is also enough video footage to go around during camp. The team could really use some good reporters.

Food Supply
During camp, we have 4000 mouths to feed. This means that each day, a vast amount of food and drinks need to be distributed across the subcamps. Food Supply makes sure all the ‘groceries’ are distributed from their foodcenter in alternate shifts. You can imagine the logistic challenge!

This team is often viewed as Jamborette’s most essential team. They are always on the background. This team however is important for the maintenance of facilities and terrain. Keeping it immaculately clean, serviced and free of garbage. This team has alternate shifts.

Staff restaurant
All participants bring their own cooks, but we also have to feed and take care of the 500 volunteers, this includes you. As part of this team you help with the preparation of the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts) and all that is related to this, such as cooking, dishes, cleaning etc.

Combination of Food Supply, Service & Restaurant
These three teams offer you the opportunity to experience different tasks during the Haarlem Jamborette. If you like variation and want to meet more people, maybe you would like this. You will start with one of the teams and work there a few days. Than you switch to the next team for about 4 days and then work with the third team until the end of the camp. Together the team leaders will make you a work schedule.

International staff information


Camp fee international staff

For staff members, the camp fee for the Jamborette is €125,-. Included in this fee are:

  • A place for your tent
  • Three meals a day, coffee and tea
  • Camp scarf
  • 2  Camp shirts, Jambo mug
  • Closing party


Recommendation needed

IST members need to submit a recommendation from their NSO (National Scout Organization), or from their county/regional scout organization. This recommendation needs to be printed with proper letterhead, need to state the proof of membership and the recommendation itself. We ask every volunteer to provide such a proof of good conduct as we clearly have huge responsibility towards our participants.

Visa requirements

For volunteers living outside Europe obtaining a visa is in most cases mandatory. So before registration, make sure you find out whether you have to apply for a visa and if you will be able to obtain one. We are unable to help you during the visa process. However, if needed, we can send a formal invitation letter in which we invite you to join the Haarlem Jamborette. You can present this invitation as part of your application for a visa.

Application procedure

  1. We filter the received registrations and cannot accept registrations from groups, people who are not 18 on July 26th 2019 or who live in a country that will not submit a visa.
  2. Later this year the application process starts by asking if you are still interested after reading about the new set up et cetera.
  3. We will contact you and ask you which team you prefer, what your motivation is and if you have any experience in that field.
  4. After obtaining the above mentioned, we make another selection and we plan a FaceTime or Skype meeting to get to know you better. This is also an opportunity for you to ask us your questions.
  5. We then may need to make another selection as we can only allow a maximum of 30 people. If you are selected, we then ask you for the recommendation (as described below)
  6. When the recommendation and your final registration are approved, we will match you with a team. From then on, you will also be in contact with your team leader (mid 2018).
  7. You can then plan your trip to the Netherlands!

General requirements

Please keep in mind international staff (IST) must be 18 years or older on July 26th 2019 (no exceptions possible). You will join as an individual in one of the teams; therefore, we do not accept registrations from groups as we wish to offer the best possibilities for selection for each individual.  We can select only 30 IST’s, so we have made sure the selection process is as fair as possible. We expect you to be physically able to work at least 8 hours a day. You speak and read English since all communication is in Dutch and/or English.