Register as a staff member

The Haarlem Jamborette wouldn’t be possible without the effort and dedication of many volunteers.

In several teams, these people work before, during and after the camp, organising activities for the participants, working behind the scenes in one of the supporting teams or helping with setting up the camp and taking it down again. Many members of staff from previous camps will agree that it’s hard work, but also a lot of fun, not to mention the lifelong friends that you will make!

Because we want to limit the amount of staff members, it won’t be possible to work as a part-time staff member. This means that we expect you to be available during the whole camp, including a few days before the opening ceremony and the day after the closing ceremony. Therefore, for members of staff the camp dates are from Friday 26th July up to Wednesday 7th August inclusive.

Voor Nederlandse medewerkers is het mogelijk je kinderen mee te nemen. Tijdens de uren dat er activiteiten plaats vinden, is onze Jambo Kids Club geopend. Hier worden door deskundige medewerkers activiteiten voor deze leeftijdsgroep  georganiseerd. Dat geeft je als medewerker de mogelijkheid je volledig te concentreren op jouw Jambo taak.

Every day, the team in the staff restaurant prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for you, so there is no need for you to cook for yourself. Tea and coffee are also provided.

Bijdrage medewerkers

Medewerkers van de Haarlem Jamborette betalen een bijdrage van €125,–. For staff members, the camp fee for the Jamborette is €125,-. Included in this fee:

  • Kampeerplek/A place for your tent
  • Alle maaltijden, koffie en thee/Meals, coffee and tea
  • Kampdas/Camp scarf
  • 2  Camp shirts (T-shirt en/of Polo shirt)
  • Jambo mok/mug
  • Afsluiting borrel/Final party

Kinderen van medewerkers betalen een gereduceerde prijs.

Vragen van Nederlandse medewerkers:

Voor Nederlandse medewerkers is een Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG) noodzakelijk. Deze moet specifiek voor de Jamborette aangevraagd worden, los van eventuele VOGs die je al in je bezit hebt. Aanvraag is gratis, vanaf het voorjaar van 2018 krijgen de ingeschreven medewerkers informatie over het aanvraag proces.

Staff from abroad (IST)

Want to join as an International Service Team member in 2019?

Pre-registration is closed now, we will contact all non-Dutch applicants before year end about preferences and possibilities.

If you would like more information about the International Service Team, or apply to join, please send an e-mail to

Please keep in mind international staff (IST) must be 18 years or older at July 26th 2019 (no exceptions possible).

IST members need to submit a recommendation from their NSO (National Scout Organization), or from their county/regional scout organization. This recommendation need to be printed with proper letterhead, need to state the proof of membership, and the recommendation itself.

Those recommendations will be needed after you are informed about the follow up of the application process.