Be challenged! The Programme Team of the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette is working on organising a challenging, active and varied programme again. Every day will have a different theme and activities to go with it, organised by these teams: Aqua, Trail, Hikes, Sports, Arts & Crafts and Jambotours. Below you will find the 2019 schedule and activities, as a reference.

You can also download the overview of the 2019 activities.

During the Haarlem Jamborette you will take part in six different types of activities: Aqua, Hikes, Jambo Tours, Sports, Trail and Arts, Crafts & Technology. Within each type of activity your subcamp splits up in two groups, subcamp group A or subcamp group B. With your subcamp group you can choose between 3 or 4 clusters with a variety of activities. In this chapter you will find information about what activities to expect within each cluster or programme.

An example for a Trail day with your subcamp group: within Trail there are 4 clusters of activities. Your subcamp group will receive a maximum of three tickets for the morning and three tickets for the afternoon.

The tickets are required to participate in a cluster (unless otherwise indicated). Each ticket is for a defined number of participants and can be used for one Trail cluster. In the morning you participate in a different cluster then in the afternoon. The sub camp staff will distribute the tickets to your leaders two days in advance. Each cluster has a limited number of spots available, which we will divide as fairly as possible among the groups by taking your pre-registered choices into account.



Get set for challenging and artsy activities. Can you escape from the escape room? Or are you secretly a experienced blacksmith creating beautiful objects made of iron? This is only a small glimpse of what we offer at Arts!


Is DIY your middle name? Take your seat and create beautiful objects at Crafts, with old bicycle tires, very Dutch! Or will you knot a dream catcher in all colors of the rainbow? Your crafty heart will get it's fix.


Team Technology will give you the experience in making amateur radio: broadcasting your own words and jokes all over the world. Maybe even more fun is soldering you own Jamborette tangible memory or object that lights up! GPS, lego and a labyrinth are activities you can choose from.



Together with 4 other scouts and a leader you will spend time on a sailboat! Hold the rudder and learn the basics of sailing. Get to know the boat and make it a fun sailing moment to remember.


Supping is THE hottest water sport at the moment. Try to stand up on the board and transport yourself by paddle left and right. When everybody gets the hang of it, we will sup away! A real challenge!


Who doesn't like canoeing? It's a fun activity and easy to learn. But make sure you don't flip the canoe! We will practise the basics first and canoe around the Jamborette camp site and play a game aswell.

DIY rafts

Show us your knotting skills! Build a raft with your fellow scouts and try to float. Who will create the biggest one?


You're gonna need a bigger boat. Join the Beurtvaart and see the typical Dutch landscapes in and around Haarlem. Don't forget to bring you bathing suit when the sun is shining!

Beach games

Do you enjoy water, but prefer to stay on land? Don't worry, we got just the right activities for you!


The punisher (30k /of 40k)

The Punisher hike is a long hike that will take you through beautiful sceneries typical to the Netherlands. You will be dropped off and begin the challenge of walking 40 km (or around 30 km if you decide to get on the bus) back to the campsite. The Punishers long distance will be tough but rewarding at the end!

The escape hike (5k - 20k)

This challenging hike runs on and around the camp site and is 5 - 20 km long. This is how you can see the terrain and its surroundings. The hike is made up of several parts. Each part becomes available by solving puzzles, so you decide how long the total hike will be.

The city Hike (8k)

The city hike is a hike through the most beautiful places in Leiden with some nice mini games and a fun route. The hike will be 8 km and there is an opportunity to drink something in Leiden or do a bit more sightseeing at the end. Leiden is an unknown, old, university city with a lot of beautiful buildings and some canals. This is the perfect combination of walking, mini games and sightseeing.


Big excursion Walibi

``Thrill seekers and daredevils, step up! There is just one place for the true excitement and sensation. With the entire sub camp you will be taken by bus to visit a large amusement park in Biddinghuizen Walibi Holland. Here, you'll find it all. The wildest roller coasters, most exciting attractions, and coolest festivals. This is a great mix of fun, with lots of action, spectacle and adrenaline. This will be an unforgettable day out for everyone. ... Do not forget your camera!”

Utrecht + railway museum

Utrecht is a city with a very rich history and lies in the centre of the Netherlands. That's why it’s also an important train hub in our country. In Utrecht we will visit the national railway museum where you can learn everything about different types of railway equipment and enjoy different rides. There is also the possibility to explore the secrets of the historic city in the afternoon! Utrecht is famous for its Dom tower, the name of the tallest tower of a church in The Netherlands. And you will explore the famous canals and its cellars along the way.

National Military Museum (Soest)

During this tour you will get to know the rich history of the Dutch Military. Here you can see and even touch tanks, airplanes and much more military equipment! Once you have seen everything inside you can explore the outside terrain which is an old airfield in the middle of beautiful nature.

Steam machine museum (Medemblik)

What better place to learn more about the power of fire and water, than the Dutch steam power museum? Watch and learn, and work with the technologies in this real life working steam powered dam. Had enough of the steamy heat? There is a nice sand beach overlooking the IJsselmeer just a couple of steps away. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits!


Under Pressure

You need to keep your head cool when conquering the obstacle course. Use water, fire and air to your advantage and hold on tight to the moving objects. Time is your biggest enemy here, so don’t crack under it's pressure if you want to succeed!


What do scouts do when they face a challenge? Right, they roll up their sleeves and get down to business. Whether you have to escape the playing field through a series of assignments, battle your opponent during a Pillow Fight XL or reach the other side with the power of teamwork, these challenges are sure to challenge your skillset.

High Gear Island

As the self-proclaimed epicentre of the Haarlem Jamborette, the Trail Island offers various activities on the island and the adjacent water. Reach the highest point of the campsite and zip down on the iconic zipline.

Mad Max Motion Race

We provide the materials: wood, wheels and whatever you need. You provide your creativity, enthusiasm, teamwork and a bit of ingenuity. As a result, you will not only create a cool vehicle, but a true adventure: try to finish the course on both land, water and perhaps a bit of air, and earn eternal fame!


Keep on rollin’!

It is round, it comes in different sizes and it's an important part of a number of different sports. That’s right, this cluster is all about ball sports! However, these aren't your average P.E. class activities, the games will be full of twists and turns as you've never seen before!

Team up!

Are you a natural team player? This cluster consists of several challenges which all focus on teamwork. The games that will be played are a mixture of fantastical and adventurous games. Will you be the strategist taking your team to the next level?

Challenge yourself!

Use the power within you and conquer! This cluster consists of various games, some in teams and some individual, yet all challenging. You will learn new skills but foremost, you will have a lot of fun! If you’re not afraid of a little adventure, this cluster is for you!

Leader activities

As a leader your first responsibility is of course to make sure your own group is running well, meaning that you ensure the tents are pitched, the meals are cooked and your scouts arrive on time for the various activities. As a rule of thumb, we expect groups to bring a maximum of 1 leader per 6 participants.

We expect leaders to come along on the excursions, hikes and other activities away from the campsite. You will also have the opportunity to join in with the activities on site and sometimes we will ask your help to supervise these activities.

In the evenings, various activities will take place on the sub camps, and we would particularly like to involve the leaders of the participating groups. If you have a good idea for a fantastic international evening activity… make sure you remember it for now and wait for more information from the sub camp staff.

We will give leaders that have some free time and don’t want to sit around in front of their tent a few opportunities to participate in a special activity or come to a social gathering for an enjoyable time.