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Your registration is final after receiving your registration fee. The date of receiving the fee in our bank account is your registration date. We will confirm this to you by e-mail, within 2 weeks after receiving your fee.

Unfortunately registration is closed for groups from UK, see below!

The basic camp fee for our 14th edition of the Haarlem Jamborette in 2023 is set to € 365 per participant. The registration fee is based on the number of participants you estimate as followed:

0-15 estimated participants       € 500,-
16-25 estimated participants     € 800,-
26-35 estimated participants     € 1.100,-
36-50 estimated participants     € 1.500,-
51-75 estimated participants     € 2.000,-

Please be aware it might be difficult to make significant changes to your estimated participants in a later stage. If we already reached limits, it might not be possible.

Payment of the registration fee can be made to our bank account below, or using PayPal (to:

Account name/address: Stichting Haarlem Jamborette, Soestdijkstraat 27, Haarlem, NL.
Account # (IBAN): NL91 INGB 0009 2222 09

Name bank: ING Bank N.V.,Foreign Operations, PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam


Be aware your registration fee is non-refundable if you need to cancel. This also applies if the Jamborette need to cancel due to pandemic related issues. If such a situation will occur, we will not be able to refund the registration payments for 100% as payments have been made to organize the camp. However, we did manage to make arrangements to be able to refund at least 50% of your registration payment.

To safeguard our truly international goals, the opportunity for all participants to meet with as much different cultures and countries as possible, we will be more strict on a maximum number of participants from one country. By doing this we also follow up on remarks from evaluations on previous jamborettes.

Also; the maximum number of participants per registration is 75.

We will count the number of estimated participants per country, based on the first come/first served principle (of receiving the registration fee). As soon as a country reaches the limit, we will notify this at our website and social media, and block any further registrations of such a country.  In stead, registrations are placed on a wait list.

Be aware that your registration in itself does not guarantee you participation. The only way to guarantee your participation is to pay the registration fee, before the country limit (or overall limit) has been reached.

Currently this country limit is exceeded for UK, so any more registrations from UK will be placed at the waiting list. DO NOT PAY the registration fee, if so this will be returned (minus transfer costs). You will be informed if additional places become available.

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