Registration limit UK based groups

We want to be a truly international camp by welcoming participants from as many countries as possible. Unfortunately for our UK friends, the UK limit has been reached. From January 2, 2018 we do not accept registrations from UK based groups anymore. We also closed our waitlist for UK based groups.

Remaining few spots will be granted to groups from countries with little, or none participants (see our map below). After registration you will receive an automatic reply mail, and within 2 weeks another e-mail confirming your registration, or informing you we cannot accept your registration anymore.

Registration fee

Your registration fee will be deducted from the final invoice you will receive in January 2019.

  • 0 - 15 participants

    € 500,-
  • 16 - 25 participants

    € 800,-
  • 26 - 35 participants

    € 1.100,-
  • 36 - 50 participants

    € 1.500,-
  • 51+ participants

    € 2.000,-

Account holder: Stichting Haarlem Jamborette, Soestdijkstraat 27, Haarlem, NL.
IBAN: NL76 RABO 0118 7635 47

Bank name: Rabobank Haarlem, Dreef, Haarlem, NL.


A refund of the registration fee minus € 50, – is possible when you cancel your registration before April 1st 2018. No refund will be made with cancellation after April 1st 2018.

After payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a registration number. Keep this email in a safe place for future reference. You will find all the information about cancellation, changing the number of participants, etc., in this email as well.

More discount? Skip a part of the programme!

Sounds weird, skipping a part of the Jamborette programme, but it’s possible. And your camp site will also be lower.

SKIPA = no participation of subcamp excursion (theme park in the Netherlands), discount of € 25, – per participant.

SKIPB = no participation of excursion day (Dutch cultural excursion), discount of € 10, – per participant.

SKIPC = no participation of subcamp excursion AND excursion day, discount of € 35, – per participant.

Attention: this offer only applies to your whole scout group. It is not possible to make use of these discounts individually.

Registration participating groups

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Do not forget to finalize your registration by transferring the registration fee to our bank account as soon as possible. Remember, your registration is not final without receiving your registration fee.


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