Explore the earth and arrive in style. You either ride a horse or arrive by train. When you enter the Rusty RailRood area you might feel like you have walked into a Western movie. An American windmill, a saloon, and a sheriff looking after the town and its people. In the centre of the town you find the railway station. Over the years the steam train has been maintained and looked after by our engineer and conductor. The dedication of the people of this town have made steam bigger than just the train itself. Steam moves us all! The sheriff is harsh, but fair, the baron makes sure your days will be well spent. Our saloon owner always gives you a warm welcome, while our RailRood guard is looking after your well-being. Do you have a question or in need of Information, our station guide at your service. Be sure to follow our Facebook page. Our own station announcer keeps everyone updated on the latest RailRood news!

One last person we need to tell you about is our mayor. Be polite to her and never be late, cause our train always leaves on schedule.By now you might wonder, ‘is there something wrong with the spelling of this towns name?’, should it in fact be ’road’ instead of ‘rood’? Well, now we have to share a secret with you. If you look closely underneath all the metal shades of copper and brass, you’ll discover a layer of red paint. Red is our colour and since we are based in the Netherlands, we adopted its Dutch translation into our name. Rusty RailRood, but pronounced as Railroad.All aboard!

Your RailRood crew: Ronald, Femke, Jurrit, Marinke, Fleur, Frits, Carolien, Arjan and Petra.

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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to subcamp Orange Aviation Field at the 13thHaarlem Jamborette!Our landing strip leads you to our main area and meeting point. You can set up camp in our “aero” themed streets. It would be nice to decorate your campsite in theme: think airplane wrecks, propeller’s, zeppelins, pilots, everything steampunk style.We would really like it if you dress up in orange during the opening and closing ceremonies.

So take an orange hat or something else you can wear and make sure that everyone knows you’re part of sub camp Orange Aviation Field.The Orange Aviation Field subcamp staff is led by Captain Ivo Lemmens and his crew. If you want to find out more about them, please check our social media pages.

Ready? Take Off! Ivo, Martien, Ester, Koen, Kenny, Steven, Martijn & Susanne

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We are Green for a reason! We care about our planet. We care about climate change. We recycle in our own lovely yard wherever we are. This summer we ‘Greenies’ live in the Green environment of Spaarnwoude. If you care too and you want to have a good time as well: Then you’ve come to the right place in Green Recycling Yard. Pitch your tents along Recycling Road and have a great camp.So we are a scrap and salvage yard. Some might even say an industrial junk yard. But our focus is on sustainability and recycling. Sometimes we might even smell some steam and kerosine, because nearby are the friendly areas Rusty Railrood, Orange Aviation Field and Yellost in Time.

We Greenies are certainly not lost in time. Time is only one thing we don’t have when it comes to our planet! Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We are creative and build beautiful things with our waste materials. From car parts to milk cartons. From curtains to plastic bags. Meanwhile we love sports, having fun, singing and dancing.Meet us every morning at the Salvage Square. A small delegation per group will meet each night at the Recycling headquarters.

#GoGreen! Lana (team leader), Richard, Lonneke, Jeroen, Wendy, Bas, Dick, Angelique, Niels en Erben.

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This region has always been inhabited by like-minded people who welcome everyone with open mind. This place had a lot of different names before. All related to moments in the past, or rather moments in time. But since we, Yellowlanders, became time travellers there is no past or future. You can go on a stroll around in the ‘80’s, do some shopping in the middle ages and have a nice nap in Mesozoïcum – but watch out for passing dinosaurs. But some things have never changed. It’s always been a place for ‘fellows’: friends, from anywhere in the world or any time.Yellost in time is a region in our world where you can enjoy games and challenges, but that also offers the peace and quiet to develop yourself. In an ocean full of cultures and colours, Yellost in time strengthens feeling of togetherness.

The joys and sorrows of life are shared here, and our neighbours aren’t forgotten either. After all, they are our friends, with their own culture and background.Subcamp Yellost in time welcomes you to the Haarlem Jamborette 2019. Join us on our walk through our gate of chime to a great camp, and greet everyone with an enthusiastic ‘Yellow’!There will be always a time in which you can find at least one of us at the Yellow sub camp tent.

Bob, Jan Bram, Menno, Irene, Janneke, Ad, Margot, Stefan, Bastienne and Matthew.

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