International staff description teams


Do you like to spend more time on or in the water than on land? Then maybe team Aqua is the place for you! As a volunteer with team Aqua you will provide water related activities for about 350 participants per day. The location of all/most activities are off site. You leave early in the morning to prepare. Sailing is just one of those activities; team Aqua provides lots more!

Arts, Crafts & Technology

Team Arts, Crafts & Technology provides plenty of different activities for about 350 participants each day on our camp site. Do you have a creative mind? Are you a maker, designer, technician or artist. Team Arts, Crafts & Technology might be the place to be for you!

Food Supply

Some 4.000 souls need to be fed during the Jamborette. This means that each day, huge amounts of food and drinks have to be distributed among the subcamps. Quite a logistical challenge. As a volunteer with team Food Supply you will work in shifts in the distribution centre, to play your part in making that challenge a success! A very rewarding but quite the physical job.


A true scout camp is not complete without a firm hike. As a volunteer with team Hikes, you will provide participants with a number of beautiful hikes far from the Jamborette camp site. The hikes have different distances and levels of difficulty. If you are a hiking fanatic, then team Hikes could be the team for you! You will be helping out with different hikes; the longer ones start pretty early and of course you will not rest until every participant made it back to the camp site.

Jambo Shop

There is a shop on the Jamborette camp site where participants can buy all sorts of stuff. Think of practical things, from tooth brushes to sleeping bags, or typically Dutch souvenirs. Are you a commercial talent and do you know how to welcome guests in five languages? Then working in the Jamborette shop might be the thing for you! The shop also opens in the evening, so the team works in different shifts.

Jambo Tours

Are you an organisational talent and would you like to visit some of the coolest places in the Netherlands, like an amusement park, museums and beautiful cities, with a bunch of scouts from all over the World? Look no further and join team Jambo Tours! The Netherlands aren’t that big but going on bus excursions may take up the most of your day.


Do you like to write stories? Are you on social media most of the day? Are you an aspiring journalist? Then maybe you would like to join the Media team. Team Media maintains the online (social) channels and writes the daily Jambo journal, among other things. News never stops, so this is no 9 to 5 job!


Team Service is possibly the most essential of all the teams at the Jamborette, although they mainly operate in the background. As a volunteer with this team, you will keep the camp site clean and maintain the facilities almost 24/7 (in shifts of course). The Service team consists of (sub)teams ‘Water’, ‘Power’, ‘Cleaning’ and ‘Supplies’.


Sports is where participants can get rid of any remaining energy they might have. Are you the sporty type and would you like to entertain participants during the Jamborette? Then you will fit right in with team Sports.

Staff Restaurant

Participants will bring their own chefs, but the many volunteers need to eat well also. As a volunteer with the Staff Restaurant, you will be involved in preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner (in shifts) and everything else that comes with running a successful restaurant.


Team Hosts is responsible for the general security at the camp site. As a volunteer with this team you make sure that there are no uninvited guests and you survey the camp site to ensure a positive and welcoming atmosphere. This means that you might also run some night shifts. Obviously, we hope we won’t have to deal with emergencies; but if that is the case, team Hosts will take charge of the situation.


Participants of the Haarlem Jamborette are divided among four subcamps, with about 875 people  in each subcamp. As a volunteer with the subcamp staff you are a ‘go to’ person for participants (mainly the group leaders) leading up to and during the camp. You are a host  in your subcamp and you  ensure that the theme of the Jamborette is reflected on site.

Team Telecom

Where would we be without technology? As a volunteer with team Telecom you can apply your ICT and computer skills to the test, because you will make sure that everything and everyone is connected. Team Telecom provides the ICT infrastructure during the Haarlem Jamborette. If this is your thing and you do not shy away from incidental late night trouble shooting, Team Telecom is the team for you!


The name Trail stems from older times, where participants had to follow a trail from one activity to the next. That’s a little different these days. Team Trail offers a wide variety of challenging, active and typical Scouting activities. Think of raft building, pioneering, zip lines, etc. Are you a fan of these types of activities and techniques? Think of joining team Trail!