international staff information

In several teams, volunteers work before, during and after the camp to make the Haarlem Jamborette of 2023 the biggest success. You organize activities for the participants, work behind the scenes in one of the supporting teams or help with setting up the camp and taking it down again. Many members of staff from previous camps will agree that it is hard work, but also a lot of fun. Not to mention the lifelong friends that you will make!


Due to the many applications we have received, registration for international staff is now closed. We have our work cut out by selecting 30 volunteers out of 50 applications. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

As an international volunteer you will be part of a team that matches your skills and interest and you work fully with that team. We believe that this integrated camp experience will leave you with even a better experience. It is a luxury to have volunteers from abroad, but unfortunately, we needed to limit the amount of staff members. We only accept staff members who can stay the full duration of the camp. We expect you to be available during the whole camp, including a few days before the opening ceremony and the day after the closing ceremony.

Therefore, for members of staff the camp dates are from Thursday 3th August up to and including Thursday 17th August. We expect you to arrive on site in the afternoon or early evening of august 3rd and after lunch on August 17th we all start to leave. There is a separate subcamp, Subcamp Blue, for staff where you can pitch you own tent.

Every day, the team in the staff restaurant prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for you, so there is no need for you to cook for yourself. Tea and coffee are also provided.

Camp fee

For staff members, the camp fee for the Jamborette is €135,-. Included in this fee are:

  • A place for your tent in a separate staff subcamp (with showers and toilets)
  • Three meals a day, coffee and tea (breakfast August 4 2023th up until lunch August 17th)
  • Camp scarf
  • 2 camp t-shirts, Jambo mug
  • Closing party

Good to know in advance

  • Pets are not allowed anywhere on the site during the Haarlem Jamborette. Plenty of time to find a suitable holiday address for your furry family member.
  • It is not possible for family or friends to visit during the camp, with the exception of the open day.
  • Any additional or personal amenities are limited. As Jamborette we are very service oriented to our volunteers, but we cannot meet all personal wishes.
  • Think carefully about which teams you choose. What do you have to take into account? Think of working hours (changing, late or early shifts) and/or physically strenuous work.
  • All staff needs to be 18 years or older at the start of the Jamborette. We expect you to be physically able to work at least 8 hours a day. You can speak and read English since all communication is in Dutch and/or English. We expect you to be able to arrive on the camp site in the afternoon/early evening of Thursday 3th August and stay up until after lunch on Thursday 17th. If you would like more information, please send us an e-mail.

How does it work?

Step 1
We ask you to first register as user. As soon as you click ‘Register’ your data will be saved. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Step 2
Find the e-mail and click ‘Let’s go!’. After logging in, you click ‘Update Profile’

Step 3
Please complete your profile and state your 3 different preferences for the teams you like to join. Please note that only teams marked with * in the menu accept applications from international volunteers! Your personal data will only be used for the next edition and deleted after the Haarlem Jamborette 2023.

Step 4
Don’t forget to click ‘update’ on the bottom of the page to save your data and choices. Again you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Now the application process starts, more info below.

Application proces


  1. The application process started in the spring of 2022. Registration is now closed to select from the 50 applications we have already received.
  2. In August 2022 we started by contacting all applicantsto check what their  motivation and experience is and if they met all the requirements.
  3. Mid October we finished all video calls with all people who applied. (
  4. We have made a selection and introduced the volunteers to the team leaders. The people are now being matcher with theirs teams. . In October or November we ask you for the recommendation as mentioned below. You will receive these documents from subcamp Blue by mail.
  5. By the end of 2022 your recommendation and declaration of integrity (see below) must have been received by us. Only then and after payment of the camp fee your registration is finalized.
  6. You can then plan your trip to the Netherlands!


For volunteers living outside Europe; obtaining a visa may prove to be very difficult. Our experience is that for people from African countries in particular it is unlikely to get one. So before registration, please try to obtain the information whether you can apply for a visa and be able to obtain one. Obtaining the visa is your own responsibility as unfortunately we are unable to help you with that or vouch for you in any way. However, if needed, we can send a formal invitation letter in which we invite you to join the Haarlem Jamborette. You can present this invitation as part of your application for a visa.

Recommendation needed

Staff members need to submit a recommendation from their national Scout organization (NSO). This consists of a letter of recommendation provided by us to be signed by your international commissioner. We also ask you to sign a declaration of integrity bases on the code of conduct from the Dutch NSO. Both signed documents need to be e-mailed to us during the application process. If these documents are not provide to us in time, you cannot join the Jamborette. We ask you to bring the original documents to the camp and hand them to us on arrival at the camp site. We ask every volunteer to provide such a proof of good conduct as we clearly have huge responsibility towards our participants.