Wonderful Walibi World

(8/4/2015)Nice. Great. Fantastic. These are just a few words, which were used to describe the Walibi adventure. Traditionally the participants get the opportunity to visit this theme park in Biddinghuizen during the Haarlem Jamborette. Every subcamp dominates the rollercoasters for one day, but last Friday it was Dunes of Orange’s turn. “It was very nice. […] Read More >>

A nice day at Aqua

(8/4/2015)While the weather is getting better, it is a perfect time to visit the last activity: aqua. We joined the trip on WS ‘De Koophandel’ and went sailing afterwards. Before we entered the boat, the participants were split up in two different groups to participate in two tours. The first group visited ‘de Adriaan’, a […] Read More >>
Open Day

Open Day: Exploring the Haarlem Jamborette

(8/2/2015)The open day was a great success yet again! With thousands of visitors this camp was even more vivid today. Mums and dads, aunties and uncles, brothers, sisters and grandparents, everyone was invited to take a look at the camp we created together. There were a lot of activities planned for today. Trail, Arts & […] Read More >>

Let’s party in colour!

(8/2/2015)That was quite a party! At half past nine the Jambo Boulevard turned green, yellow, red and orange. Scouts from all over the world really ‘coloured their camp’, like the invitation insisted. We saw green tutu’s, orange painted faces, yellow approved shirts and red spray painted hairdo’s. DJ Thomas threw in some great songs and […] Read More >>

Time for adventure!

(8/2/2015)This is already the 7th day of the Jamborette and, over the last days, we’ve noticed that there are all sorts of scouts. There are scouts who like to party every night at the Mokkie, scouts who are waiting for hours in a queue to have a portion of fries, scouts who are trying to […] Read More >>

From a cultural city walk to a real punishment

(7/31/2015)Hiking. It’s always an adventure for the real scout. During the Haarlem Jamborette participants have not one, not two, not three, but four different opportunities to have a great walk. They all have different locations and difficulty levels, but they all create stories to tell. The Jambo Journal ties one’s laces, walks and talks.   […] Read More >>
Hoofdfoto Arts&Crafts

The Arts and Crafts Team is ready for your creativity!

(7/30/2015)This year at the Haarlem Jamborette there are alot of activities for the artistic scouts. The activities are divided into two areas, Art and Crafts. Decorating bags, painting stones, drama, real life Angry Birds and egg courses are only a couple examples of the activities that are available at the Arts and Crafts tent. The […] Read More >>

Wandering around with JamboTours

(7/30/2015)Scouts from all over the world came to the Netherlands to attend the Haarlem Jamborette. However, for a lot of scouts it’s their first time in this small country. There are many activities on the campsite itself, but  the JamboTours offer small excursions to explore the home of the wooden shoes, tulips and windmills. The […] Read More >>
HJ2015_20150727_144346-2 foto Ewoud Koster highress

Sporty Scout wiped out!

(7/28/2015)On Monday at the Haarlem Jamborette, the first day, which was filled with lots of activities. The participants from subcamp Reddington’ Harbour are starting with one of the most active programmes, Sports. This programme is a mixture of team sports and games. Not only athletic skills will be tested but strategies for winning a game […] Read More >>