Be challenged! The Programme Team of the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette is working on organising a challenging, active and varied programme again. Every day will have a different theme and activities to go with it, organised by these teams: Aqua, Trail, Hikes, Sports, Arts, Crafts & Technology and Jambo day. Within each type of activity your subcamp splits up in two groups, subcamp group A or subcamp group B. With your subcamp group you can choose between 3 or 4 clusters with a variety of activities. But this is not all we offer. Scroll down and read about activities for group leaders and all events such as the disco and the opening and closing ceremonies. Below you will find the 2023 schedule and activities.


At Arts, Crafts & Technology, there will be Iets of activities for the creative and artistic. When you get tickets for Arts, Crafts & Technology, you will get the opportunity to create or do something fun and beautiful. To cut a long story short: Arts, Crafts & Technology is the place to be!


Do you like Arts! At ARTS we have fun creative activities with, for example, interactive painting, participate in our music activities or step into the world of photography. You can also make your own Tye-dye Tie with us. Then register as soon as possible for the activities at Arts!


Do you like DIY? Then you are on the right place at Crafts. Take a seat at the table and make the nicest things. Do you get started with plastic or old milk cartons or do you make a drawn self portrait. These are just a few examples of the fun activities you can do at the CRAFT cluster! Choose this cluster and you are guaranteed to have a creative activity.


Technology Iets scouts experience what amateur ra­dio is: being able to broadcast it themselves with ether amateur radio operators around the world. How to easily selder a nice camp memory yourself. Or you can make a working soldering project under the guidance of kit building. Team Technology will again set up a geocache within the camp site, which can be searched with the GPS.


The Netherlands is a land of water! The Dutch are used to live with water, damming and con­trolling the water and above all we enjoy the water. Today we’re going to enjoy some of the beautiful water that the Netherlands has to offer.


You and 4 other people will go sailing at a beautiful lake in Haarlem with an experienced super­visor. Hold the tiller and learn the first principles of sailing. While having fun, you will get to know the boat and will you make an enjoyable sailing trip!


Paddleboarding, also known as supping, is one of the most popular water sports at this moment. Try to stand-up on our very special boards and move on with a paddle. This will only happen with some teamwork! When everyone can keep their balance and can move the board, we will make a little tour with the boards and maybe we will play some games together.

Splash it in!

Do you know your knots and know how to pioneer a raft? This activity is a competition! Build a kind of raft with your team with the materials provided. With your raft you will compete with the other teams and race to the bell. Which team is the fastest at the bell?!

City Cruise

lf you like sailing, but you prefer a bigger ship, than you will enjoy the city cruise. With the ship we sail out over the Spaarne river, through the centre of Haarlem. When the weather permits, we might have a swim too!


Canoeing is a joyful activity that is easy to learn for everyone. We will make a little trip with the canoes in the area showing you some of the landscape surrounding the campsite.

Water games

lf you are not that familiar with water or just don't feel to get into the water, we will have the water games for you! All kinds of games and fun activities that involves water, on land.


One of the challenges du ring the Haarlem Jamborette will of course consist of a hike, whether you like informative, exciting, exhausting or technica! challenge. Once again we’ve put a lot of ef­fort into creating a good mix of all the above.

The Punisher hike (40k)

The Punisher hike is a long hike that will take you through beautiful sceneries typical to the Netherlands. You will start early and begin the challenge of walking 40 km. The Punisher's long distance will be tough but rewarding in the end! The We will provide you with a nutritious snack to keep you going until you arrive at the campsite to have dinner.

Triathlon hike (18 k)

This hike is the ultimate hike for hikers who are looking to get the most out of this element of the Haarlem Jamborette. This hike consists of a combination of all that our team has to offer you. The irreplaceable elements of the Lost Treasure hike, the Punisher hike and the City hike, all com­ing together in this triathlon of hikes in the style of this year's theme. The techniques used for the hike are not too big of a challenge and the journey is around 18km. This really is the perfect combination for the scouts whom are looking for variation!

The Lost Treasure hike (10 or 15k)

The Lost Treasure Hike is a 10 or 15km hike in the area around the campsite. Become the protag­onist of your own story and recover a long lost treasure! Grab your best hiking shoes, fill your bag with creativity (and a water battle) and set off into a new adventure!

The City hike (8k)

The city hike is a hike through the most beautiful places of Haarlem. The hike will be 8 km and there is an opportunity to do a bit more sightseeing at the end. Haarlem is the capital of the province North-Holland, thus an old city with a lot of beautiful buildings. This is the perfect com­bination of walking, activities and sightseeing. A buss will take you to Haarlem and bring you back to campsite.


At the Haarlem Jamborette, the Sports activities are the perfect way to get rid of excess energy. Of course there will be a good mixture of sports and fun at the Jamborette, because for Team Sports, having fun is the most important thing! Your team will include scouts from different scout groups and with different nationalities, and together you will compete against your opponents in various games.

Skill drive

Take the power within you and conquer! This cluster consists out of various games, some in teams and some individual, yet all challenging. You will learn new skills but foremost, have a lot of fun! Are you the one who will make or break a high score?

Team up!

Are you a natural team player? This cluster consists out of several challenges which all focus around teamwork. The games to be played are a mixture of tactics and fun. Will you be the strategist taking your team to the next level?

Adventure time

Are you up to test your limits? Then this is the cluster for you. Do you belang to the brave and adventurous people among us? Prove it du ring the various games. Do you have what it takes?


The Trail team offers a great variety of true scouting activities, all within the terrain of the Haarlem Jamborette. There are four fun and challenging clusters from which you can choose, and you will complete one cluster in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

Run Forest Run

See if you can master our challenges to test your skills against yourself and ethers. Near the ground or into the trees, there are various exciting high and low rope courses to complete!

Lights. Camera, ACTION!

Always wanted to play the lead role in a live action movie? This is your chance! We offer audi­tions for various movies in which you have to escape your playing field through a series of as­signments, collaborate with ethers and battle your opponents. These movie sets will surely test your action skills.

Paramount Island

As the self-proclaimed epicentre of the Haarlem Jamborette, the Trail island offers various activit­ies on and around the adventure tower. Climb up to the highest point of the campsite and get down with the icon ic zipline.

Pioneering Pictures

Before CGI, filmmakers had to rely on other techniques to make their movie effects. Let's see if we can reproduce a nice movie set without computer programs, by only using our scouting skills and creativity. We provide the materials: poles, rope and construction manuals for various movie sets. You provide your creativity, enthusiasm, teamwork and a bit of ingenuity. As a result, you will not only create a cool object, but a true movie prop and a memory to remember!


During the Jambo Day you will get to know more about the camp and get a chance to explore the camp and its surroundings and to meet all the other scouts. You can choose from one of the activities below.

Create your own Jambo vlog or film

Welcome scouts! For this task, you will be creating an exciting vlog using your own phones, on or around the campground. You can make a Film or vlog of maximum 3 minutes, that has to be ready to show to all other groups at the end of the day. Be creative, make your own scenario, make your own sets and props. Show us how you explore nature, learn new skills, or simply have fun with your group.

Murder Mystery

Do you have what it takes to solve the Murder Mystery? Each day there will be a unique scenario where you have to find out who the murderer is. Du ring the day you will have to find multiple hints to help you on your journey. You might even have to go off the campsite for the additional hint! The goal is to finish the game the fastest and we'II keep a ranking of the quickest players. Will you make it to the end and solve the puzzle?

Crazy88 - Jambo edition

Do you know everything about the Jamborette? Are you creative? Are you fast? Then you are ready to participate in the Crazy 88 - The Ja mbo Edition! On this journey you will have to complete crazy exercises, find out weird things and solve some riddles. Are you ready?

Group leader activities

We will give leaders that have some free time and don’t want to sit around in front of their tent a few opportunities to participate f.e. in a special activity, come to a social gathering for an enjoyable time or help the programme staff during the programme (f.e. Sports).


The Jamborette would not be complete without the stage activities that are organised by Team Events & Team Mokkie, such as the opening and closing ceremonies, reflection, disco and visitor’s day.