Be challenged! The Programme Team of the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette is working on organising a challenging, active and varied programme again. Every day will have a different theme and activities to go with it, organised by these teams: Aqua, Trail, Hikes, Sports, Arts, Crafts & Technology and Jambo day. Within each type of activity your subcamp splits up in two groups, subcamp group A or subcamp group B. With your subcamp group you can choose between 3 or 4 clusters with a variety of activities. But this is not all we offer. Scroll down and read about activities for group leaders and all events such as the disco and the opening and closing ceremonies. Below you will find the 2023 schedule and activities.


At Arts, Crafts & Technology, there will be lots of activities for the creative and artistic. When you get tickets for Arts, Crafts & Technology, you will get the opportunity to create or do something fun and beautiful.


The main theme during this activity is water. Aqua consists of several programme activities. Such as sailing, building rafts, canoeing and a lot of games that request you to put on your bathing suit and bring a towell!


One of the challenges during the Haarlem Jamborette will of course consist of a hike, whether you like informative, exciting, exhausting or technical challenge. Once again we’ve put a lot of effort into creating a good mix of all the above.


The Trail team offers a great variety of true scouting activities, all within the terrain of the Haarlem Jamborette. Think zip lines, go karts, escape rooms and much more typical challenging scouting activities that can’t be missed at a summer camp.


At the Haarlem Jamborette, the Sports activities are the perfect way to get rid of excess energy. Of course there will be a good mixture of sports and fun at the Jamborette, because for Team Sports, having fun is the most important thing! Your team will include scouts from different scout groups and with different nationalities, and together you will compete against your opponents in various games.


On the Jambo day you can do cool activities on and around the campsite.

Group leader activities

We will give leaders that have some free time and don’t want to sit around in front of their tent a few opportunities to participate f.e. in a special activity, come to a social gathering for an enjoyable time or help the programme staff during the programme (f.e. Sports).


The Jamborette would not be complete without the stage activities that are organised by Team Events & Team Mokkie, such as the opening and closing ceremonies, reflection, disco and visitor’s day.