Be challenged! The Programme Team of the 2019 Haarlem Jamborette is working on organising a challenging, active and varied programme. Every day will have a different theme and activities to go with it, organised by these teams: Aqua, Trail, Hikes, Sports, Arts & Crafts and Jambotours.

We will make sure that all activities are equally matched (so they’re all equally awesome!) and that you will have to choose less. Aqua will take everyone away from the campsite for some fun on the water, for example a nice boat trip, sailing or canoeing. Trail will organise proper scout and outdoor activities on and around the campsite. Do you dare to go on the high zipwire? With Sports you will be active (or perhaps not so active) on the sports field. Hikes will take you to see a bit more of the area, and so will Jambotours when they take you on a cultural trip. Last but not least, you will be able to use all your creative talent during the Arts & Crafts activities, where you will build things or get active with drama or dancing.

In addition to the set programme during the day, we will also have several drop-in activities during the day and in the evening, including surfing the Internet in the Internet café.

This is only a glimpse of the Jamborette programme. A real challenge for scouts! As soon as we know more about the programme, we will put this on the website! If you are a leader, you will be able to participate in the activities together with your scouts or help out with the activities your scouts are doing.

Activity overview

Arts, Crafts & Technology

Team Arts & Crafts is gluing and soldering all great activities together at this moment. More info will follow soon.


Team Aqua is sailing between all splashy activities to come up with the best ones for the Jamborette. More info will follow later.


Team Hikes is walking down the long and winding roads of Spaarnwoude to create the best routes for you to explore the area. More info will follow later.

Jambo Tours

The touring cars of Team Jambo Tours are refuelling right now. More info will follow later.


The Trail Team Is building amazing structures for you to climb on. More info will follow later.


The Sports Team is cycling to the best sports activities in the world. More info will follow later.

Activities for scout leaders

As a leader your first responsibility is of course to make sure your own group is running well, meaning that you ensure the tents are pitched, the meals are cooked and your scouts arrive on time for the various activities. As a rule of thumb, we expect groups to bring a maximum of 1 leader per 6 participants.

We expect leaders to come along on the excursions, hikes and other activities away from the campsite. You will also have the opportunity to join in with the activities on site and sometimes we will ask your help to supervise these activities.

In the evenings, various activities will take place on the sub camps, and we would particularly like to involve the leaders of the participating groups. If you have a good idea for a fantastic international evening activity… make sure you remember it for now and wait for more information from the sub camp staff.

We will give leaders that have some free time and don’t want to sit around in front of their tent a few opportunities to participate in a special activity or come to a social gathering for an enjoyable time.