The Facilities team is already hard at work to prepare for the 2019 Haarlem Jamborette. At the moment, the campsite is a public recreational area with a number of big fields around it. There is nothing to show that there is going to be a big 10-day international scouts camp here in the summer of 2019. During the camp, the site will be closed to the general public and because of this, we will have to organise, make and order a lot of things in addition to organising the theme and activities.

Apart from Team Facilities, some other teams have already started working on putting in the facilities, for example Team Infra. This team takes care of the water supply, the sewers and the electricity, as well as the internet connection and the Wi-Fi network, so you won’t have any problems to get on the Internet and tell everyone at home about what you’ve been up to.

Not only does this team work hard to prepare all this, you can also count on them during the camp! After all the preparations, several teams will be ready to meet you during the camp, including the staff that takes care of food and drink, the first-aiders, the security and the staff in the Mokkie that will make sure you get that lovely cold Coke. Scroll down to get to know the other staff teams!

Food & Drinks

Team food

Team Food Supply is responsible for supplying your food during the Haarlem Jamborette. During the camp we take care of anything and everything that you can eat and drink. We will provide you daily with crates and coolers containing everything you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will also supply things like bin bags, fruit, squash and snacks. Even the recipe for dinner is included, so you don’t have to worry about that! It goes without saying that we take hygiene and food safety very seriously, and we will work according to the HACCP standards.

Dietary requirements

We try to cater for the different preferences of participants as much as possible by varying the menus. Furthermore, we take in account the following common dietary requirements: vegetarian, no pork, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, nut intolerance and diabetes. However, we can only do this if we know about your dietary requirements in advance, so we can take them into account during the food shopping. If you have any dietary requirements, your scout leader will be asked to enter these at a later stage. During the camp you can also ask your sub camp staff any questions you have about Food Supply.

Additional food & drinks on the camp site

Snack Corner

If you fancy a savoury snack, you can visit the Snack Corner, where you will find a wide range of snacks like fries, frikadellen (minced-meat hot dogs), croquettes and burgers. We will offer low prices and like everywhere else, you can pay with Jambos! If you have no idea what a real Dutch frikadel tastes like, you really have to pay the Snack Corner a visit!


Fancy something to drink or do you want to celebrate your time at the Haarlem Jamborette? The Mokkie is the one and only Jambo café! Here, we will sell coffee, tea, soft drinks, sweets, crisps, ice cream and lots more all day long. During the day, this is the place to relax in the sun with a nice drink, and at night it's the place to be for a fun party!

Already registered? Inform us about your groups dietary requirements

Team Info

Team Info’s task is to help you find your way to, from and around the campsite.

This already starts before the camp begins; the team takes care of the registration of the groups and the Jamborette staff members. If you have any questions, tips or comments about the camp, you can contact Team Info on

Jambo Shop

Practically anything you might need at the Haarlem Jamborette will be available in the Jambo Shop, from tents and sleeping bags to toiletries and souvenirs. Furthermore, you will be able to buy a new uniform, scout belt, badges and name tapes here, and also typical Dutch products like clogs, flower bulbs and liquorice. We will also have sweaters and t-shirts with fun slogans and the 2019 logo, and we can of course also help you out if you need a torch, batteries, or a memory card for a camera or another device. At the Jambo Shop, we will accept both euros and Jambos. Paying by card will also be possible.


The Jambo Shop will sell and exchange several different types of gas cannisters. If a foreign group has a problem with connecting their gas cannisters, we will usually be able to help, because the Jambo Shop will sell different types of connectors, clamps and gas cannisters. If you want to be sure there will be gas cannisters waiting for you when you arrive, we advise you to order your supplies via the web shop.

Already registered for the camp? Order your supplies for the camp right now.

Jambo Bank

We have our own currency at the Haarlem Jamborette: the Jambo. These are plastic coins in a variety of designs, that you can use to pay for anything you want to buy during the Jamborette! The only places where you can also use normal money will be the Jambo Shop and the Jambo Bank. Everywhere else you can only pay with Jambos.

The Jambo Bank is responsible for exchanging euros for Jambos, and you can pay by card here, which will be free of charge. If you would like to use a credit card (VISA/Master/AMEX), you will have to pay a commission charge. How much this is will be announced at a later time.

It is a good idea to order some Jambos through your scout leader in advance to start you off, so they can all be collected for the whole group on arrival. This will save you time, as it can be very busy at the bank during the first day. You can always get some more Jambos later.

First Aid

At the tent of Team Medical/First Aid, there will be quite a big team of qualified first-aiders ready to help you, and a GP will be holding consultation sessions daily.

The team will of course also be on call 24/7 to give first aid in case of an accident on site. Apart from these responsibilities, the team also keeps an eye on the hygiene and well-being during the camp, and they can safely store any medication in a cool place if neccessary.


One Jamborette campsite and thousands of scouts from all over the world. These are the ingredients for a super awesome camp and one team is essential to make sure everything is safe: Team Security!

The team has several tasks, including checking the fire safety, which is why they will visit your kitchen at the beginning of the camp to ensure there are no fire hazards. They will also coordinate the emergency services in case of any small ‘incidents’. Should the fire department, police or ambulance be required, Team Security will be there to guide the emergency services as quickly as possible to were they need to be.

The team also patrols around the campsite and guards the entrance gate to prevent theft and keeping out unwanted guests. Only visitors that have been signed on in advance will be allowed to enter the site. Team Security is at your service throughout the whole Jamborette to ensure your safety. So you can chill and relax during the camp.

Support Teams

During your stay at the Jamborette, you will definitely meet the people from the teams mentioned above, but apart from these there are a lot of other teams that contribute towards the Jamborette. You won’t see these people very often, but it’s good to know that so many people are working behind the scenes to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Team Infra provides the Jamborette with the necessary tents, electricity, bathroom facilities and all the materials for the programme. This team also has the people that ensure we have a phone connection and internet, and those that ensure all other logistics are running well. At the Jambo Kids Club the children of our staff are entertained. The Media Team keeps you up to date with all the news, is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and makes sure the website is running well. The Service Team builds all the facilities, makes sure they are in ship-shape condition and looks after the cleaning and garbage removal.

The camp leaders manage all the teams and Team Events organises the theme, many special activities and ceremonies, like the opening and closing ceremonies. The staff restaurant cooks for all members of the Jamborette staff and last but not least the Support team helps every team, from the service teams to the programme teams, that need an extra hand.