Mysterious figures have arrived at the Jamborette campsite. They come from faraway places and times long gone… or yet to come. Who can tell…? One thing is for sure; they need to be on their way to save their homelands. They also carry precious cargo. Something to do with an unknown kind of energy, or so we have been told. Who knows, we might even learn a thing or two about that.

Meanwhile, these ‘time travellers’ and the sheriff seem to have settled in nicely and will introduce themselves here. Make sure you catch up with them during the Jamborette.

The sheriff | Johnny Blue, Sheriff of Spaarnwoude

What is your name and what are you doing at the Jamborette?

My name is Johny Blue. I’m the sheriff of Spaarnwoude. Normally it’s very quiet here, but now it’s gonna be very busy with a lot of work. It’s important to give people fines and put people in prison, when they are doing the wrong stuff. I took over this job from my nephew Bobby blue, because he went to jail. He robbed the bank of Halfweg. So I put him in jail after my father told me about it. So I had to take over his job.

Are you still single?

I’m still single, but I hope there will be a future partner for me when you all arrive.

Where can we find you?

You can find me everywhere on the site, so look carefully, maybe I am standing behind you to check if you’re not doing anything wrong.

What is your favourite pet?

My favourite animal is my horse. His name is Bob Marley and he’s got a special parkingspot at the campsite in Spaarnwoude.

Do you have a weird habit?

A weird habit of me is, if I hear music, I have to dance. Unfortunately there is not much music in the forest.

Rapalje | Subcamp Yellost in time

Where can we find you at the HaarlemJamborette?
Anywhere and Everywhere…. I love to explore and wander around. I will make my base somewhere around the yellow subcamp though.

Your favourite Dutch food?
Those weird licorice things, especially those shaped like fish and the moon. I also love old cheeses and “Amsterdamse Uien”.

Tell us something about your family..
They are not here, are they??? Next question please

Are you seeing someone special?
Not yet…

Do you have a weird habbit?
I play with fire a lot. Also: I am always exactly on time and I can’t keep my hands of buttons I should not touch.

Do you have a pet?
Not yet….. I would love to have an animal companion. Preferably something uncommon like a dodo, raven, fenix or firefrog.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Do you have any hobbies?
Fire, travelling, pranking

What do you do for a living?
I am a trickster and a travelling (con) artist. I take basically any odd job I can find

What is your most important item?
My watch and my hat.

Lingo | Subcamp Green Recycling Yard

Where are you from?
From a really poor neighboorhood. There wasn’t much money for education and food.  So I have to found stuff to play with. I decided to make things.


What do you like to do in your freetime?
I like to tinker with my machines.


How do you get all parts?
Haha, uhm I found them on the street.


What is your favorite thing?
I am in love with my tools, especially my Allen key. Are we done now? I want to go back and work on my car on the green subcamp, called Green Recycling Yard.


OrangeGoose | Subcamp Orange Aviation Field


Who are you?

I’m OrangeGoose and I’m in love with planes and airfields. That’s my life and biggest hobby.

What are you dreaming of?

I have a dream to bring more scouts from all over the world to the Jamborette. And that’s why I want to build an airfield on the jamborrete-area. Then it’s easy for all the scouts to come by plane.

Where are you staying on the Jamborette?

I would like to invite you on my Orange Area on the Jamborette, because it’s the best Subcamp there is. If you visit us you will see the building of the airfield.

Can you tell us somethings about yourself?

I’m married with no kids. I like to make a lot off jokes and if you don’t laugh, I will on my own jokes and my favorite color is Orange.

Scaramouche | Subcamp Rusty Railrood

Where can we find you at the HaarlemJamborette?
You can find me at the Mokkie, the forest and off course Rusty Railrood. I do have my tipi there. I am in love with the color red anyways.

What does your name mean?
My name means a lot to me. My mother gave it to me. The name means that I like to entertain people.

What about your dad?
Next question please..

Your favorite Dutch food?
One of my favorite things are choclate kisses, I am not sure if they are Dutch, but I can eat them for breakfast (and lunch and dinner, too ;)). O and I Iove drop too, o and stroopwafels..

What is your most important item?
All my items are important to me. I hate to loose stuff. Some people are always complaining that I bring too much, but I don’t care. The most important things are my sheep skin, tarot deck and crystal ball. I can tell your future if you pay me well..

Are you seeing someone special?
Oh, darling that’s a direct question.. I hope to find someone special. Maybe I will find a nice partner at the jamborette haha 😉