FAQ | Before the Haarlem Jamborette

What date does the camp take place?

The opening ceremony of the Jamborette will be in the afternoon of Sunday the 28th of July and the closing ceremony will be in the night of Tuesday the 6th of August 2019. The campsite is open from Saturday 27 July (08.00 hrs), and will be closed on Wednesday the 7th of August at 16.00 hrs. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to stay on the campsite for another night.

Can we pitch our tents somewhere else if we arrive earlier than 27/7 or want to stay longer than 7/8?

Yes! You can extend your trip at International Scout Centre Naaldenveld, close to the campsite and Haarlem. Go to www.naaldenveld.scouting.nl/en for more info, rates and bookings. Please make sure you make your reservations on time. There will be limited space because it’s summer vacation.

What will the programme look like?

We’re still working on that, on our website you can see an overview of the activities. When the programme is complete you will be informed.

Can I submit our preferences for activities before the camp starts?

Once the programme is definite, there will be more information about this.

What about safety and insurance?

All the activities meet the safety regulations of The Netherlands. You need to provide your own travel insurances.

Are there activities for leaders only as well?

As a leader your first responsibility is of course to make sure your own group is running well, meaning that you ensure the tents are pitched, the meals are cooked, and your scouts arrive on time for the various activities. As a rule of thumb, we expect groups to bring a maximum of 1 leader per 6 participants. We expect leaders to come along on the excursions, hikes and other activities away from the campsite. You will also have the opportunity to join in with the activities on site and sometimes we will ask your help to supervise these activities.

We expect leaders to come along on the excursions, hikes and other activities away from the campsite. You will also have the opportunity to join in with the activities on site and sometimes we will ask your help to supervise these activities

In the evenings, various activities will take place on the sub camps, and we would particularly like to involve the leaders of the participating groups. If you have a good idea for a fantastic international evening activity… make sure you remember it for now and wait for more information from the sub camp staff.

We will give leaders that have some free time and don’t want to sit around in front of their tent a few opportunities to participate in a special activity or come to a social gathering for an enjoyable time.

Where can I reserve transport to and from the campsite?

If you need transport for your group from Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam Airport, or the ferry terminals at IJmuiden, Hoek van Holland, or Rotterdam, the Jamborette will be able to book a coach for you at a reasonable price. You will be able to book this service through our webshop (the starting date of our webshop will be announced later). On the arrival and departure days we will provide a shuttle service between Halfweg-Zwanenburg railway station and the campsite to transport heavy gear. As the campsite is less than a mile (1,5 km) away, we won’t offer transport for participants and their personal luggage from this station.

Can I rent material hire such as cooking equipment and tents?

For groups outside of Europe or with a travelling distance of more than 2000 km one way it is possible to hire a limited amount of cooking equipment and tents. The scout leader can apply for this on the participants portal. For groups from Europe it is not possible to hire cooking equipment and tents. All groups can hire benches, tables and pioneering poles.

Can I hire material such as tables, benches, pioneering poles and gas cannisters?

Certain items, for example tables, benches, and gas cannisters, will be available for hire and you will be able to book these via the web shop, the starting date will be announced later. You will also have the possibility to loan pioneering poles for building your camp kitchen or a nice entrance gate. These will also be available for booking via the web shop. The pioneering poles will be sold at a low price after the Jamborette, which might be a good opportunity to replenish your group’s pole stocks!

Who can I contact about a visa application?

When you need a Visa to stay in The Netherlands you can contact info@haarlemjamborette.nl

Do i need a swimming diploma and/or certificates?

To take part in activities on the water it is obliged to have a swimming diploma/certificate in The Netherlands, so is wearing a lifejacket during activities on the water. Without the swimming diploma’s and/or certificates it is not permitted to take part in the activities on the water.

Will my food and drinks be supplied on the days of arrival and departure?

Meals will be supplied from dinner on the day of arrival (27/7) till breakfast on the last day (07/08).

Can I submit dietary requirements?

We try to cater for the different preferences of participants as much as possible by varying the menus. Furthermore, we take in account the following common dietary requirements: vegetarian, no pork, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, nut intolerance and diabetes. However, we can only do this if we know about your dietary requirements in advance, so we can take them into account during the food shopping. If you have any dietary requirements, your scout leader will be asked to enter these at a later stage in the participants portal. During the camp you can also ask your sub camp staff any questions you have about food supply.

In what subcamp have we been placed?

The subcamp layout can be found in your group account on the website.

What to do on our day off?

During the camp there will be a diversity of activities available for the day off. Inform about these activities with your subcamp staff or check the information on the subcamp tent. If you have made up your own activity, we will happily help you with it!

Will there be wifi / internet available on the camp site?

There is an internet connection during the camp, in the internet cafe and via Wi-Fi. De login details will be shared with you at the campsite.

What kind of weather do you have in The Netherlands?

Pro tip: always pack your rain gear when you travel to The Netherlands. Select Halfweg, North-Holland if you want to check the local forecast online.

What is the camp’s theme?

You really think we were going to tell you already? Nope. Keep a close eye on our social media (a.k.a. like, follow, subscribe) and you’ll be the first to know.

Can my parents have a look during a open house?

We think it’s great fun to have family and friends visit the Jamborette to come and have a look, so we are organising an open house on Sunday August 4th 2019. On this day we will welcome all visitors to show them what the participants get up to during the Jamborette. The visitors can join in with a lot of the activities and stroll around the sub camps to visit the scout groups from all over the world.

I have an IT question, where can I drop my question?

For any IT questions about the participants portal contact finance@haarlemjamborette.nl

FAQ | During the Haarlem Jamborette

Can we buy gas cannisters?

Gas cannisters can be bought at the Shop on the market area. You have to provide approved gas hoses yourself.

Do we get a Jamborette necker, mug and badge?

On arrival every participant receives a one-off necker, mug and badge from the subcamp staff.

Can I send input for the camp newpaper?

Input for out camp newspaper, the ‘Jambo Journal’, can be brought to the media team on the central market area or via media@haarlemjamborette.nl or social media. The Jambo Journal will be distributed daily in the subcamps.

How can I buy my Jambo’s?

You can buy Jambo’s with Euro’s, GBR or US$ and with a debit/credit card by Maestro, VISA, MC and AMEX. For using a card, we will charge you a fee. The Jambo bank will not convert currency. On the campsite you can shop with Jambo’s and the same cards as at the Jambo bank.

When does the sign-up for 2023 start?

Keep an eye on our website and your e-mail!

How can I pay for my souvenirs on the camp site?

The Jambo is our own Jamborette-currency, we all pay with the same kind of money on the camp site. The price of 1 Jambo will be available soon.

I’m having a question which is not listed here?

Please contact your subcamp staff via email if you can’t find your answer here. We will keep updating this page as the camp is getting closer.